Welcome to the Ford Site, a vibrant new development that will enhance over 120 acres of land in the Highland Park Neighborhood. The project will feature 55+ acres of parks and open space, retail and office, as well as housing of all types; affordable housing, senior living, apartments, rowhomes, single-family and condos.

A community for all

~3,800 housing units
~265,000 SF of office space
~150,000 SF of retail space
55+ acres of parks, recreation fields, open spaces, waterways
Bike and pedestrian friendly

Largest urban solar array in the Twin Cities with 100% of site electricity from renewables
~14,500 construction jobs
After completion, over 1,000 full-time jobs available on site


Single family home language*


In an effort to soften the edges of the new Ford Site and better integrate it with the existing neighborhood, we are proposing a positive change from the master plan along Mississippi River Boulevard. This beloved corridor will be lined with single family homes just as it is to the north and south. 


When the City contemplated the approved master plan this was not an option for them. Ford intended to preclude single family homes here and across the entire site due to the contamination issues inherent with their use of the property. As a result, in an effort to achieve a look and feel similar to the existing corridor, the City zoned this area for ‘mansion homes’ which would look like large single family homes but function like 2-6 apartments or condos. 


Through our negotiations with Ford and our environmental due diligence [and investment?] across the site, we believe we will be able to deliver these specific lots as true single family homes.  This is not an option for us across the entire site but unique to this location. It is important to note that our investigations are not complete, basement and pools will still be prohibited [do we need to say this at this early stage or does it raise too many flags?] if we are successful, and Ford has not yet fully committed to this strategy. Nonetheless, we believe this would be a positive improvement to the plan as it will create a seamless transition to the site, make it more consistent with the surrounding area, and reduce density in this area. 


 Ryan and its partners embrace the City’s vision that the redeveloped Ford site will balance economic, social and environmental sustainability in ways that conserve and improve the qualities and characteristics of the Highland Park neighborhood and Mississippi River valley. This forward-thinking 21st Century development will advance the City’s economic wealth and community goals.

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